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Deralian started to appear in August, 2010. The founders were Andrei Ipatovich (guitar and vocals), Alexander Bako (drums), Yegor Kuzmin (guitar). Soon, they were joined by Eugene Mokov (bass-guitar). All they needed came true.
All the musicians had the same musical tastes and they all were possessed, that immediately created mutual understanding and allowed them to play live together without any problems. But the most important thing they had in common was their desire to play really energetic and heavy music; their desire not to take care of any of the popular music genres of their time, but to play what they like. Well, to be honest, real music is ageless and timeless, don't you think?
Unfortunately, they had been working out the name for a long time. It took them almost four months to find the word that each of them considered perfect for the name of the band! On the 4th of January, 2011, having a cup of tea in relaxing atmosphere they finally reached the decision - named themselves DERALIAN. This word has no meaning and supposed to be associated with these four guys. The band was officialy born.
For the next six months the band had been playing different covers, jamming in every possible manner (once they even suddenly played "master of puppets blues version"). In general, they had been improving their teamwork skills, but above all things, during the rehealsals each member of DERALIAN had been taking pleasure. At the same time they had been crafting their future songs and had been endlessly developing riffs, looking for the best combinations of verses and choruses, to write the music that they would upload to their own portable devices. The lyrics describe feelings of an individual, as well as some social problems)
Deralian played on stage for the first time while taking part in a local periodic show called "Metal Day". According to some visitors, they surprisingly managed to make the time of their performance really HOT, despite being the opening act.
On May 15, 2011 they somehow won the most popular club-festival in their hometown (Mogilev) - Mass Motion Fest! It was really unbelievable for them and their fans and friends, because the regular culture hadn't been supposed to headbang for a long time!
To the great sadness, Eugene Mokov left the band in summer 2011 due to the unpredictable changes in life. After that Deralian's progress unfortunately had to slow down for a while, until the new bass-player was found. Yegor Zubkov replaced the former musician in fall 2011. He completed the missing link and works on the new shows quite hard.
In 2011 - 2012 Deralian played some warm-up shows for such polish bands as Thy Disease, Dead Infection in their hometown, played a show in Minsk (the capital of their country) and attended some more music venues. In March their first EP "Break the Cage" was released, where they've revealed a little bit of their thrash-metal skills.

Right now, the musicians are looking forward to attending more shows, which will surely be staged, because they have already received some invitations. In addition they are constantly attempting to make local show-organizers check'em out.

So, keep an eye on the band! Thanks! m/

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  • 11th Aug 2012 @ 9:24 am

    Hi everybody!

    Join us on:

    Stay metal, brothers! m/

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