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New career opportunities BEAT100

WWanted: Linux Apache MySQL PHP Platform Specialist - UK Essex Based

We are looking for an experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated LAMP specialist to expand our team. Our project consists of a high-demand social networking site that is experiencing a period of rapid growth and requires an additional specialist to assist in the day to day running of the site. Duties will include liaising with project leader, server setup, configuration and monitoring, debugging and improving code, query optimisation and new development.

The ideal candidate will have several years experience working with mission-critical production servers running the Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) platform. The candidate must be able to create a stable LAMP platform from a clean install, configure the LAMP platform based on the requirements of the production server, troubleshoot problems between the Apache/MySQL/PHP layers and provide scalable methods of expansion as demand increases.

Candidates are required to have solid understanding of PHP5 and MySQL, as well as a fair understanding of XHTML, CSS and Javascript. All these technologies are used throughout the project and a successful candidate will be comfortable with both debugging and improving existing code as well as writing new code when additional development is required.

All candidates must have experience in working with a high-demand application using the MySQL database. Applicants must be familiar with the specifics of MySQL server configuration and be able to use query optimisation, table indexing and profiling to improve the performance of the application.

Required Technologies

Applicants must have a good level of experience with the following technologies.

Apache Web Server 2.x
MySQL Database 4.x/5.x
PHP 5.x

Preferred Technologies

Applicants are not required to have experience with the following technologies but it would be a benefit.

Open Graph API
MySQL Replication
Please email CV's to is looking for a freelance writer with experience and an interest in the music industry.

Applicants are required to have the following:
- High grade in A Level English Literature or Language
- Experience of writing
- Knowledge of the internet
- An interest in music and musicians of all genres
- The ability to present ideas clearly and coherently
- Fluent and able to write well in English
- Good research skills
- Ability to interview musicians via email and collect necessary information
- Must be independent and able to take initiative
- Able to work to required deadlines
- Must completely understand BEAT100 and what we do
The job will consist of:
- Writing press releases on selected BEAT100 musicians and/or videos
- Writing general content for the website e.g. "About BEAT100"
- Writing articles on new features and changes
If interested, please send applications to with your CV and cover letter.