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Free Music Competition
This is your chance to compete with some of the best bands and musicians head to head in the weekly BEAT100 World Music Chart which compiles every Monday at 12pm (GMT) and our BEAT100 World Music Audio Chart that compiles every Friday at 12pm (GMT) giving your music content the best possible exposure worldwide plus build video views and audio plays helping grow your fan base. 

BEAT100 is all about giving exposure to artists, and that’s what we intend to do. BEAT100 will help artists and bands be seen, heard and rewarded, designed for real, aspiring musicians with a dream to succeed.

BEAT100 gives musicians the best possible exposure worldwide plus builds video views and fans that helps artists and bands be seen, heard and rewarded.

BEAT100 will be giving the top three winners each week worldwide exposure via global media releases, which will be published in the BEAT100 News section and made available to TV networks, newspapers, magazines, bloggers and online news websites. Winners will also receive exposure via BEAT100’s own social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and more. BEAT100 are working with record labels, management and music brands to help musicians and winners and further their music careers.

So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one. BEAT100 cares about artists trying to make it in the tough industry of music, and even manually approve every video that is uploaded into the chart or network. This means a member of the BEAT100 A&R team has listened to your music and can award hard-working artists for their original music, impressive performances and high-quality videos. Those who really stand out may even be selected for the Ultimate Musician page - for no cost! BEAT100 is about allowing artists to build a fan base for free. So, why not join for free today and discover what it’s like to be seen, heard and rewarded.

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