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Share YouTube videos on BEAT100

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Advertisers will receive thousands of impressions daily, depending on your budget. The average time spent by users on BEAT100, compared to other networks, such as MySpace, Reverbnation and Soundcloud, is remarkably higher (14 mins vs. 3-5mins).



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Enter your YouTube music video into the World Music Video Chart to win press releases and worldwide exposure for free. 

BEAT100 has created the only social network where you can sign up and enter a worldwide music video chart to win worldwide exposure for free. BEAT100 is a place designed for every type of person.

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Feature your YouTube videos throughout BEAT100
Promoting your YouTube videos is a great way in broadening your audience, building views and climbing the BEAT100 world music chart and increasing followers.

BEAT100 are now offering the following three promotional packages in order for our users to boost their views and music chart position, increase visibility and gain more exposure throughout BEAT100 including, BEAT100 Main Video on Home Page, Facebook and Twitter pages. Gain more views on your YouTube videos now.

Share Soundcloud Music On BEAT100

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Promoting your soundcloud music and audio tracks is a great way in broadening and building your audience and increasing your plays and followers.

BEAT100 are now offering the following three promotional packages in order for our users to increase visibility and gain more exposure on BEAT100, Facebook and Twitter pages helps you gain more plays on your Soundcloud tracks.

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Share your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter on BEAT100 to gain more likes and followers. 

BEAT100 are giving you the oppprtunity to build your audience on a global scale by promoting your Facebook Fanpage or Twitter page to a global, friendly & interested audience! In addition to the global exposure your social media will be open to, the BEAT100 A&R team will also be actively promoting you on BEAT100's social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter!

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We want to spread the word about BEAT100, we have some amazing artists in our network and think they all deserve as much recognition and publicity as they can get. and we would love to get your friends, family and fans involved.

No good deed goes unrewarded, so we're giving away a choice between a free premium membership or premium video promotion for the users with the top 3 referrers each week