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User Testimonials BEAT100

"The BEAT100 Social Network is growing more and more every day, with new users joining and videos being uploaded every hour. After all the positive feedback the network has received, BEAT100 has created a Testimonials page where you can find any positive comments about the network from current BEAT100 users. This includes comments from Bands, Musicians and regular users who vote and use the Music Charts, Video Network and social aspects of the network." Poppy May

"Very happy with what you are doing. Thank you. I have been trying to promote Beat100 to contacts on, Coverium, Sound Cloud and YouTube. This is a really fun site and best of all, lots of interaction with other artist. As you can see from my profile, I have been in the business a long time and like to support other artists. Thanks again. Regards, Autry" Autry Chapman

"Beat 100 is a great way of creative people, artists and bands to show their work and to get some feedback and also to network with people in the same industry as themselves. Personally, my videos featuring the bands on my record label have been very well received and i have got future work through networking on beat 100 and i believe that websites like this really take advantage of the digital age we live in by embracing the technology available to us and by embracing people networking together and helping each other in a very competitive industry" Coffee Jingle Records

"Hello everybody! From my point of view Beat100 is a very interesting site, even more so, is a community of talent of all countries. Here artist are recognized and appreciated and rewarded with cash for their work. I love Beat100 here you make friends. Join here with us!" MichelleZ

"First of all i just want to say BEAT100 is absolutely fantastic! It's the very first website or should say the only website that gives awards to artist, now that people is just absolutely awesome and amazing! Well done guys please keep up the good work. Viva You guys absolutely rock!" Blaq Carrie

"BEAT100 is combining an environment where musicians/songwriters can provide the listener with a visual audio approach that allows the listener to verbally engage the artist, while the artist promotes their craft. The awards add credibility to the artist, while promoting exposure of the music and videos. BEAT100 is putting the Social in Social Media! ROCK ON BEAT100!" Mark Allen Lanoue

"Beat100 is awesome! It was super easy to sign up and in less than 24 hours I already saw my youtube video count climbing and had tons of new fans! So helpful! I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to be heard! (Or seen). I can't wait to see whats in store for me here!" Tyler Ray

"Beat100 is totally awesome, a one stop for upcoming artist who are trying to build a fan base and reach more people around the world. It's a great place for networking with other artists, bands and also to get informative feedback on your projects. Beat100 we are truly grateful to you for providing an honest forum for artist. Hats off to the Beat100 family keep up the great work, and we will surely share the word to other artist and friends to visit " C.R.E.A.M INTL

"BEAT100 has been great, right from the start. Within even hours of signing up, we were getting comments, likes and votes on our videos. The different charts offer many great opportunities, especially for our original music, which can be hard to promote otherwise. It is especially great to hear feedback from other musicians, and build a network through that." The Last City

"I use Beat100 as a great means to reach an audience outside of Facebook and YouTube, and while other social networks may not be entirely focused on music, on Beat100, users can look up new music via genres they know and love. In this way, niche-artists like myself have a greater chance of being exposed to people actually wanting to hear their brand of music. My experience is that listeners have been attentive and overwhelmingly positive in their feedback, and I'll definitely keep posting my videos to Beat100." Jason Svendstorp

"BEAT100 is a great idea to help unsigned artists get exposure online and help build a network of people who support music. It's a great concept because it helps bands to engage their fans and use social media in a productive way." Masamune

"We are really grateful to for providing such global platform for artists. We can only give our best wishes to the BEAT100 team to keep up this great job and help independent artists reach where they deserve to. And in the mean time we will do our best to provide deserving artists to reach" CoreConxept

"Beat 100 is a real online community where musicians can support each other and easily access an amazing variety of music. It's a great tool for any artist looking to get their music heard by a global community of musicians." Sam Mason

"The main reason why I love BEAT100 is that it creates a genuine buzz around your music that can't be beaten! Independent artists like me wouldn't get anywhere without services like this!" Tim Aviss

"I like BEAT100 as it gives me the chance to discover unknown brilliant gemstones which is higher than elsewhere on the web, and to keep in contact with interesting artists all over the world." Moe der Barde

"What I like most about BEAT100 is the supportive community. The staff, the viewers and the other musicians are cheering you on every step of the way! You get lots of encouragement, and your views climb quite quickly! " Jeremy Merrick

"BEAT100 has been so awesome in giving more exposure to new artists like myself! There is an amazing community of people who use this site and I really feel supported using it - versus being judged like so many other social media sites! Definitely a great way to get your name and music out there! " Melanie Taylor

"BEAT100 is a great place to share music with other people who love doing the same thing. It is a great way to meet new people and get feedback on how to improve. My band Fusion Beat has been a part of BEAT100 as well and we had a great time. Thank you for all the support. " Mary Desmond

"BEAT100 is a great tool for artists - professional, up and coming, and hobby artists alike. It connects you to other artists with similar goals and passions who are also looking to share, learn, and grow. The community is supportive and welcoming, and I have enjoyed receiving and giving feedback to others. BEAT100 is an independent video and music-head's heaven!" UniverseCity Press

"I think BEAT100 is very exciting for artists who wish to expose themself and gain a fanbase that otherwise may be very difficult to reach. As a classical artist this website has been an essential way for me to showcase my music, connect with other musicians and hopefully inspire and expose my music to younger individuals who otherwise would not listen to the genre. It has been incredible to see the response and very encouraging to see that the appreciation for this art form is not dead." Alessandra Paonessa

"I like beat100 because i get inspired by other upcoming artists and it's amazing that beat100 helps with promotion and artist development! Love it" Bisi

"I discovered by accident. I think it is one of the best online community. It's the place where everybody can upload their work, it's a "no censorship" website. You can be appreciated, you can get votes, you can broadcast your cover songs or your original ones to everybody, without any boundaries. It's also a good thing that it's a contest, and the stakes are well raised. The competition is good, it pushes you to the limit, to get better and better everyday. Congrats." FreeStay

"I discovered BEAT100 through a producer I collaborated with and was amazed to see that through promoting our track on BEAT100 it had nearly trippled its views in a matter of days! I then set up my own account and uploaded another video which won multiple awards. Music that I have previously released is getting a new lease of life. I will definitely be uploading my future releases as the site is really easy to use and brilliant for promotion,this website is what the independent music scene is missing!" Jaz Kahina

"Music has gone the way of the independent and I am proud to be a part of it. Beat100 is an amazing way to put out work and get recognized for the quality and hard work you put in. In the internet ocean full of millions of fish, Beat100 reassures us that good music and quality work doesn't have to go unnoticed. Thank you for being there! " Lo Dost

"BEAT100 is a phenomenal site that gives the independent artist a platform to display the musical talents. I love using the site and it's also a great way to connect with other gifted artists. BEAT100 has also helped to grow my fan base and draw more attention to my social media site. Overall, BEAT100 is a great promotional tool and networking stage that every independent artist should utilize." Freezz Da BossMann

Robert Anton

"BEAT100 is a great way to get feedback from like minded artists around the globe. The community is full of talented, supportive, and friendly folks who can and will vote daily for your music video. This can help an artist to gain more exposure and most importantly gain connections. It is easy to find other artists who share your particular genre interests to collaborate with. I continue to be impressed with the incredible original music that I see on the BEAT100"Cameron Gaplin

"BEAT100 is a great way to find your audience, no matter what you perform! BEAT100 helped me grow my fan base and get the exposure I want from every country of the world. Congrats to BEAT100 team. You've done a great job!" Joun

"LOVING this site and its concept! So hard for artists like myself who have been grinding for years to get recognition for all the hard work we put in. Thanks for providing such an awesome service!" Phreaze

I'm really happy about the winning the BEAT100 Music Video Charts because it gave me a chance to be showed in one of the biggest TV channels in Greek :))) Also a lot of news papers all over the Greece wrote about the winning :) I'm really proud about myself and your newspaper too:). Thanks BEAT100 Konstantina Angel

I have to say this music award really means a lot to me. I have been talking about it all night. What a wonderful site BEAT100 is, I am very excited to be here. I am also glad to be grouped with so many new artists like myself. You have done a fantastic job mapping this out; I can tell a lot of foresight went into the development on beat100 JAMI

We are very happy to be on your Music Chart!!! Today we are 3rd, it is an honour for us! We are making a real big job to go on the top... Everybody here in Italy is speaking about it!!! Today we are on the local newspaper, and also in next days we will have some interview to speak about this great adventure on BEAT100!!! We are making a lot of advertising on You, BEAT100 is growing here in Italy thanks also to our personal support!! (you are more and more present on our radios, newspapers, and social networks...). That's only to say THANK YOU!! It is such an amazing experience and we are in the meantime bringing our country around the World!!! Nevrastena

"Just want to say, the work you do is awesome. Most of the time our fanpage gets messages from robots, who don't actually care about the music, they just want people to sign up to boost their audience. But you guys listen, share, and take your time to give honest feedback. Since being on BEAT100, our google search has gone way up too! Thank you, means a lot. "Destination Mars

"I think putting my music on @BEAT100network was probably the best thing I've done. So many supportive people on there #unrealfeeling"Dan Quinn

"I quickly fell in love with BEAT100! A website where we can showcase our music and gain fans, while discovering new music to listen to and enjoy and meet new people? Impossible! But BEAT100 proved to be just that website. It's truly an amazing experience. Since joining we have gained fans around the world who really enjoy our music and support us, met tons of talented individuals and made lots of great friends. This quickly became one of our most used websites and its overall a joy to participate in!" Sara and Shane from Sara and the Wildness

"This is probably the best promotional site I've used so far. I love that the site helps us unsigned artists get acknowledged by showing us personal gratification through the BEAT100 Awards and exposure." Aston Golden

"I am just 13 years old and it is so exciting that BEAT100 enables me to showcase a song I wrote on the internet. That would never have happened several years ago! I feel honored to have been awarded two gold awards on my song. BEAT100 has gathered a creative community of musicians and music lovers that can interact, collaborate, gain exposure and support each other. It's so cool! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing venue for artists to be seen and heard." Mateus Ward

"That's amazing. Just singed up today. This website seems like a great networking tool and we will be promoting it for sure :) Thanks again." Pandorum

"I have found BEAT100 to be a perfect launching board for making new friends, music contacts and promotion. It fills a huge gap in the market!" Geoff Sewell

“BEAT100 has been an enjoyable experience meeting new artists and making new friends. It’s been a lot of hard work, but I feel it’s an experience that will help me to develop even more as an artist. Being voted in the top three globally has been, so far, one of my biggest achievements.” Ma'Zek

"I just got home and signed up to BEAT100. Awesome site and very easy to use! I’m so happy that you guys have finally met the needs of up-and-coming musicians." Wesley Collin George

"Since joining, it has been amazing; we have met and now have friends, fans and followers from all over the world! It’s brought more attention and hits to our YouTube and Facebook pages. Most importantly though, I think we have found it a humbling experience, the support and positive comments we have received have been overwhelming. To get into the top three is incredible, but it’s not just us there, it’s everyone who has voted for us and been with us every step of the way!" WILD and WELSH

"BEAT100 is such a great way for new artists and bands to gain exposure. Every morning, the first thing i do is check to see what position I am in!" Ellis Hall

"Beat 100 has been a truly amazing experience.  Not only have we gained Facebook followers and YouTube subscribers, but we've had the opportunity to network with some incredible artists.  We've received some great pointers and advice from more experienced musicians and are corresponding with people from all over the world.  There's even a group of musicians on the website that are collaborating together on a charity project that will help to bring music to under privileged children. We are very excited to help out with this!" Fusion Beat

"I have to say, I've been impressed with how well the site has integrated other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube especially. I've been really surprised with the amount of support given on the chart. The social networking side of it has allowed me to gain more exposure on my other pages and even get talking with other artists contributing to the site and we've had some great conversations about what we do. I think it's a great website with real potential." Daniel Dobbs

"I was impressed by this site because BEAT100 really takes care of emerging musicians! It's also good to make friendships with people who are interested in each other’s music. I also like the chat function because it helps me to improve my English! I think this is the best site to help show yourself to the world." Cecília Kovács-Simon

"BEAT100 has given both me and other musicians the ability to showcase their talents and abilities. Unlike other sites, BEAT100 has lived up to all it promises and also let musicians from all over the world interact with each other and share each other’s thoughts and views. The experience thus far has been brilliant and I have my sight set on being a part of the BEAT100 family for a very long time." Sheaam Deen

"We have definitely enjoyed our experience thus far, and it has definitely helped our fan base to grow in only a short time! The results and goals are tangible and within reach, so we are excited for what else it has to offer." Taylor Collins

“Jasmine’s friends on YouTube suggested she should have a go on BEAT100 and the journey has been a real inspiration because so many supporters, existing and new, have put in so much time to vote for her. It has been an inspiring experience, cementing the relationship between Jasmine and all those who love what she does.” Yan (Jasmine Thompson)

"It has been a great experience and it is a good platform to be heard through. It is definitely something I will try again when my next song is finished or maybe even before then. I have met some great people and have made many new friends on BEAT100.” Josh Taylor

“I love what BEAT100 is doing and it has helped me gain some notice from different parts of the world, which I haven’t had an opportunity to reach. I got to the top by advertising the site as much as possible on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and then had hundreds of people from my area signing up daily to vote. I’ve had fun.” Josh Huie (Clever)