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BEAT100 Quick User Guide

BEAT100 provides a Social Music and Video Network for music, fans, bands, musicians, venues, labels, and industry professionals to share, collaborate and communicate.

  • Create your own profile and URL for publishing your video content
  • Upload videos direct or share your YouTube videos and SoundCloud Music for free
  • Increase your YouTube video views
  • Increase your Soundcloud plays
  • Increase your Facebook and Twitter followers
  • Earn credits to boost your videos, facebook and twitter pages for free 
  • Compete in the weekly BEAT100 world music charts
  • Win music awards for your videos
  • Win Free worldwide press releases
  • Like, vote for videos with a single click
  • Follow other users, be the first to view new content
  • Comment on videos to interact, collaborate, and provide feedback to other BEAT100 users
  • Share content and connect with other social networks you’re logged into
  • Receive notifications and be among the first to know about new features
  • For music lovers. BEAT100 is a great place where you get to connect direct to bands
  • Gain Millions of potential views and followers


a)      Manually
To sign up manually to BEAT100, click ‘sign up’ in the top right-hand corner, then select ‘sign up with email’ from the drop down box. This will take you to a new page where you can fill in all the required details to get started. Once finished, tick the terms of service box and select ‘Sign Up Now!’ It’s as simple as that!

b)      Facebook/Twitter

Signing up through your Facebook or Twitter account is quick and easy to do. Like when you sign up manually, click the sign up button in the top right-hand corner, then select either ‘Sign up with Twitter’ or ‘Sign up with Facebook’. A new window will appear asking you to connect your account. Once you have done this, you will be logged in and your profile picture and details will automatically be on your profile.


2.      HOW TO UPLOAD A VIDEO           

Once you have signed up and are logged into BEAT100, you can then upload a video by going to ‘Uploads Manager’, which is the first tab on the navigation bar at the top. Once on the page, select whether you are uploading a music video or entertainment video. Please note that only music videos are allowed to enter the World Music Chart. Next, select your category and click ‘Upload an Original Song’ or ‘Upload a Cover Song’, depending on which you are uploading. You can then upload via the two following ways:

a)       Via YouTube link
You can upload your music video via YouTube link if you already have your video on YouTube and want to save time. To do this, copy your URL (from the Share link below your video on YouTube) and paste the link into the upload box on BEAT100. This will automatically take the video title and thumbnail from YouTube, but you will still have to fill in the description and tags manually. Then select whether you would like to upload your music video into the BEAT100 chart or network. Please remember you can only have one video in the chart at a time. 

b)      Manually

Only artists with original music have the option to upload their music video manually, due to YouTube restrictions. To do this, please choose the file from your computer, then fill in all the required information. Then decide if you would like to upload your music video into the BEAT100 World Chart or Video Network. Please remember you can only have one video in the chart at a time. 



In order to begin editing your profile, click the drop down in the top right hand corner where your user name is stated (must be logged in), and then select ‘edit profile and settings’. This will take you to a new page where you can:



a)      Create a profile URL

This will be the first option on the page where you will see a text box, where you can type your desired profile URL name, then click the ‘check’ button to make sure it is available for use. Once decided, click save and you will have your own personal url! Example:

b)       Link other social networking accounts

On the ‘edit profile & settings’ page, you can also link your other social networking profiles by scrolling down past the bio text box. You will then see several options to link your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, Pinteres, iTunes & LinkedIn accounts to your BEAT100 profile. When finished, save your settings, then your links will appear on your profile page and next to each of your uploaded videos.



c)      Change personal & profile information

On your ‘edit profile & settings’ page, you will be able to alter any information you want, including: username, profile picture, cover photo, featured video, name, email, display name, password, biography, birthday, address, gender, interests, genres, and more!

d)      Updating video information

In order to change any video information, go to ‘Uploads Manager’, where you can also upload your videos, and you will see all your uploaded videos underneath the upload tool. You can edit each of these videos using the tools next to them, including ‘edit your video’, ‘promote your video’, ‘view’, ‘delete’ and ‘add to chart’.




a)        Profile picture

To upload a profile picture, you can either go to ‘edit profile & settings’ (found on the drop down in the top right hand corner above the navigation bar), or by hovering over your current profile picture on the network/profile page and selecting ‘edit profile picture’. Both of these routes will take you to the same page. You can then click ‘choose file’ in the profile picture area, and then select the file from your computer. Once uploaded, you will be taken to a crop page where you can decide the size of your picture. Save your settings and then your new profile picture will be on display!



b)        Cover photo

To change your cover photo, go to ‘edit profile & settings’ or hover over the cover photo area on your profile page, then click the ‘edit’ button. Both of these routes will take you to the same page. You can then click ‘choose file’ in the cover photo area and select a file from your computer. Once uploaded, you will be taken to a crop page where you can decide the size of your picture. Save your settings and then your new cover photo will be on display!



c)      Creating photo albums

Photo albums can be created via the photo gallery page found on the left hand side of the ‘My Network’ page, or below your cover photo on your profile page. Both of these buttons will take you to the same place. Then, select ‘add a new album’ or ‘upload photos’ (if uploading the existing album). You can then select your files from your computer, name your album and save your settings.


d)        Posting a photo to the social/public wall
You can post photos to both the social and public wall via the ‘My Network’ page. Select either Social Wall or Public Wall on the status bar to decide which you would like to post the photo onto, and then click ‘Post Photo’. Select the file from your computer, choose a caption and then click ‘Post’. The photo will now appear on the social/public wall and your friends can like and comment on the photo!

To upload audio files, hover over ‘Uploads Manager’ and select ‘Audio Manager’ from the drop down box. Every audio file you upload will be uploaded into the audio network and onto your personal player on your profile for others to listen to. You can upload audio via the two following ways:

a)    Via Soundcloud link
Uploading audio via Soundcloud is very similar to uploading videos via YouTube. This saves time and means your plays will count towards your Soundcloud account too! To retrieve the required Soundcloud link, go to your Soundcloud profile, find the song you wish to upload and click the link. Then click ‘Share’ beneath the song and copy the given link. Then paste the link into the BEAT100 audio upload box and your thumbnail, title and description will be carried over. All you need to do now is fill in the tags and click ‘Upload Audio to the Audio Network’. Your song will now appear on your profile and in the audio network for users to listen to.

b)      Manually

To upload your audio manually, simply click the ‘choose file’ button on the audio uploads manager, select your file and then click ‘OK’. You can now fill in all the required information, including a photo, title, description and tags. Once this is done, you can click ‘Upload Audio to the Audio Network’ and your song will appear on your profile and in the audio network for other users to listen to.



a)      About the profile page
You can find your profile page by hovering over ‘My Network’ in the navigation bar and clicking ‘My Profile Page’ from the drop down. This will take you to your personal profile page where you can see your cover photo, audio player, featured video and posts by you and to you from other users. On the left hand side of your profile, you will see: Username, Hometown, Age, Bio, Awards, Chart Statistics, Social links, and more, letting others know a little about you! You can change your privacy settings by going to ‘edit profile & settings’, then selecting ‘Privacy’, if you would like to change your profile, photo and message settings.



b)      About the wall feeds

You can view the wall feeds by clicking ‘My Network’ or the home button on the navigation bar. Here you will find three walls: Social Wall, Video Wall and Public Wall. Each one displays different things, helping you sort through what you want to see and where you want to post. The social wall will show posts from all users you follow, and your posts will be seen by people who follow you! The video wall will feature only posts about videos, including new entries, votes and video comments. To share your video on this wall, use the Post BEAT option in the promote section. The public wall will allow you to see posts from anyone in the network who has decided to post a message or photo up there. You can also post anything you want there for the world to see!


c)      Followers & following
BEAT100’s social connection system works via followers and following, similarly to Twitter. This is a great way to connect with new musicians, bands, fans and friends. When you vote for a new video, you will need to follow the person. This will be done automatically when you click ‘Vote’.



a)      Entering the World Music Chart
To enter the World Music Chart, ensure your desired music video is uploaded onto the system via the Uploads Manager (see point 2). You may have already entered your video into the chart when uploading. If not, you can enter your video into the chart by going to ‘Uploads Manager’, viewing your uploaded videos below, then clicking ‘Add to Chart’. Your music video is now in the World Music Chart!

b)      How the World Music Chart works

Duration in Chart:

  • The World Music Charts Compiles Every 7 days on Monday at 12pm (GMT).
    Every World Music Chart entry will get 4 full weeks in the chart (a minimum of 28 days). If you enter your video mid-week then the partial week is not counted towards your three weeks of chart duration. This means the maximum time a video will spend in the chart is 34 days.

    Example 1: John enters his video on Monday Morning at 9am on 1st of July. The new chart starts at 12pm. His first full week finishes at 12pm on the 8th, the second on the 15th and his 4th and final week on the 29th in which his video is removed after spending 28 days in the chart.
    Example 2: Jill enters her video on Tuesday evening at 10pm on the 1st of July. The new chart doesn't start until the following monday, so the first 6 days are not counted towards her chart duration. Jill completes her first full week on the 15th, her second on the 22nd and her forth and final week on the 5th of the following moth in where her video is removed after spending 34 days in the chart.
    If a video has not received over 20 real votes (not including bonus votes), that video will be automatically removed after 20 days to keep the chart fresh and current for viewers. Remember be active, vote and share your own video daily.

    BEAT100 members are able to vote for as many videos as they wish and can vote every 24 hours on the same video should they wish to. BEAT100 requires users to sign up before voting for a video in order to monitor cheating and calculate the votes effectively and accurately.

    Once the world music charts are compiled each week, all of the votes are verified. If a user is found to be cheating, they will immediately be excluded from the current chart competition and will have their account blocked. If two videos end up having the same amount of votes, the outcome of the competition will then boil down to which video gained the most views. The winning videos, once verified, will head onto a section of the BEAT100 ‘Winners page’, where they will be exhibited for all users to check out.

c)      Voting rules of the World Music Chart
Users are allowed to vote for each video once every 24 hours. You can vote for as many videos as desired, but you will be asked to fill out a CAPTCHA every 50 votes for security reasons. Voting for a video with over three IP addresses isn’t possible, to ensure users cannot create multiple accounts. Any multiple accounts will be deleted and the votes made with these accounts will be purged at any time during the chart. User accounts may be purged at anytime for spamming videos with ingenuine or repetitive comments.



a)       Share to social networks
One of the best ways to let people know about your BEAT100 video is to share! This is more likely to get you to the top of the World Music Chart and will get you one step closer to winning a prize each week! Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Blogs, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more, can be incredibly helpful when increasing video views. You can do this easily by clicking the share buttons shown below your video.

b)       Premium packages

The premium promotional packages can be extremely beneficial to your video views, chart position and all round visibility. BEAT100 offers two premium promotional offers: Premium Promote Silver & Premium Promote Gold. The Silver package is worth $5 and gives you listing on the featured videos page, along with 50 bonus votes. The Gold package is worth $10 and gives you a feature on the homepage, chart pages, featured videos page, a share on the BEAT100 Facebook page and 100 bonus votes!


c)       Referrals
Users can win a premium promotional package by getting the most referrals in a week. This means they can share their own unique link, and the more people who sign up through that link, the more referrals the user will have!

d)      Create an advertising space
BEAT100 offers advertising banner spaces on the network for people to buy. Using this, you could advertise anything, including your BEAT100 video, iTunes link, Facebook page, Twitter page, and more! For information on prices, please click here.