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Music And Video Promotions

If you’re looking for a place for music promotion for Bands and Musicians then you have come to the right place.

Here at BEAT100 we offer bands and musicians a whole new world of free music promotion opportunities with the to enter the music charts to help gain worldwide exposure. Showcase your latest music releases and have your music videos seen by thousands of new potential fans. We know that independent music promotion can be incredibly difficult which is why we try to bring you as much help as we possibly can.

If you join BEAT100 and stream your music video, this, in itself is music promotion but we aim to go a lot further than any other video sharing or music promotion website in the world.

If you upload your music video to our music video network you get the opportunity to;

  • Have your music put in front of the eyes of thousands of potential fans
  • Compete for our music charts and gain world exposure
  • Have the potential to gain exposure through our press coverage
  • Get invited to live BEAT100 live events and show off your talents
  • Have your unsigned band featured in our music news
  • Connect with new fans and grow your fan base
  • Win music video awards based on the quality of your music, production and video itself
If those weren’t enough music and video promotion ideas to get you excited,  you can also utilise BEAT100's premium promotional packages, which enable you to increase your video's visibility, improve chart ranking and gain further exposure. 
All you need to do now is upload your music video and starting sending people here to vote. The more votes you get the more band promotion you’ll have done for you and the more people you can reach with your talents. A great way to tell people about your video is to share it on your social networking platforms, and link your BEAT100 profile to them too! We love having you here and really we can’t wait to listen to even more great new music from the hottest music talent from around the world – that’s you by the way.

Tips for getting the most out of BEAT100

Ok so if you’re all set to go that’s great and crack on. However, if you want a little more information on how to maximise your bands exposure on the sight and you want a few inside tips read on. Most music promotion sites will simply put your release or your tracks in front of anyone who lands on their website. However, here at BEAT100 we like to do things in a very different way and provide a much more competitive nature with our promotional strategies. If you’ve been an unsigned band for a while and have been trying to get signed then you know how tough breaking into the music business really can be.
Here at BEAT100 we try and offer your band press releases, news coverage, music awards and exposure. However, in order to be in with the chance to win all this free music promotion your music video needs to get votes. So with that in mind here are some great tips for maximizing the number of people who see and vote for your music video – video votes can be cast every 24 hours so you’ll definitely want to keep pushing for those big prizes!

Start with your friends

Promote your music video to your friends, fans and followers and encourage them to vote for you. This is a great way to start racing up the charts meaning more people are likely to see and promote your music!
Then get engaged with the BEAT100 community – if you want people to see your music videos then talk about theirs too (we’re all in this together). BEAT100 is a music promotion site but it’s also a social site. Look at and comment on other people’s videos but don’t just leave comments like,"I voted for your video vote for mine"


Which one do you think will get the most positive responses?

Fill out your band info, contact details and provide everything you’d want people to know about your music. If you’re going to promote your music online then you need to tell people everything they’d want to know. Not only that – we use this information for Press Releases and news items so without it all we can say is based in one video! You can also link your other social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, iTunes, Pinterest and Soundcloud by going to 'Edit Profile & Settings'. This way, other users will find you in other places, therefore increasing your likes and followers. 
Finally – While we make music and band promotion as easy as possible for you remember to stick to (and actually read) our music and video guidelines before you stick up your video.
And that is basically how to promote your music on our network. We aim to make things as easy as possible for you and provide a fun platform for everyone to share their gifts with the world. Having been in unsigned bands ourselves we know how challenging getting your music out there can really be. So welcome to BEAT100 can good luck with all your music promotion efforts with us. We honestly look forward to seeing all your videos (and yes we do actually watch them all!).